Claw and First Weapons for Labyrinth Lord

Claw and Fist Weapons for Labyrinth Lord

Some adventurers want to get close and personal with their foes and shred them to bits, pound them into the ground with a flurry of punches, or slip in like a deadly shadow to silently remove them with a hidden blade.

Whatever your preference, these will be helpful for any class that wants to be a bit more discrete or urban than more traditional adventurers.

Each weapon type lists some of the qualities of the weapon and a magic item you may add to your campaign along with a description for the item. Most of these weapons make use Class-based Weapon Damage, but I also included traditional weapon damage.

Claw weapons

Combat Claws:

  • 1d6 damage or as per one’s class
  • Cannot use objects in that hand without taking 3 rounds (30 seconds) to remove the claw. Requires same amount of time to attach properly; does half damage if not secured.
  • When attached correctly, the wielder cannot be disarmed.
  • 50 gp cost

Hashin’s Razorclaws +2; On a natural 19-20, hits cause a bleeding wound. The wound damage per round is equal to your STR bonus to damage. Can go into a battle frenzy 1d4 rounds per day; gain +2 to hit and damage. Cannot be disarmed.

Long steel claws, several inches long and made to resemble a bear’s, are attached to a steel frame padded with leather and fur. Overlapping plates and wide leather straps offer some protection of the forearms and allow some wrist-movement. A padded handle helps provide leverage during strikes. Magical symbols are painted onto each plate. Enchanted feathers and etched beads are braided into the leather straps.

Scissor Katar:

  • 1d6 damage or as per one’s class
  • May attempt to disarm opponent’s weapon; opposed Dex Saves; if failed, the katar is not dropped.
  • 150gp cost

Bladesunder or ‘Xotlicohl’ +3: Whenever a weapon is successfully disarmed using this weapon, the next successful hit also deals damage as if you’d used that weapon. The damage bonus from disarming a new weapon replaces any unused bonus. After being disarmed, that weapon deals a maximum of 1 damage and temporarily loses all magical ability for 1 Turn. Non-magical weapons that are disarmed by this weapon must Save vs Destruction; use a d6; wooden hafts Save on a 1, iron hafts and blades 1-2, steel and ironwood 1-3, adamantium 1-5.

Three blades fan out from the center; two shorter, thinner blades on the side and a wider, longer blade in the middle. Each blade is etched with graceful Elven lettering. The handle is braced on either side. A trigger near the grip causes the two smaller blades to snap inward with incredible force.

Warmage Power Claw:

  • 1d8 base damage or as per one’s class
  • Hits add +1d4 energy damage; it can only have one energy type
  • Unlike other claw weapons, the user can manipulate objects with limited dexterity using the claw.
  • Cannot be disarmed
  • This is a magical weapon, so it has no listed cost

Maelbolgian Witch-claw +3: Deals +1d4 force damage on successful hits. 1/day may make a ranged attack against a target within 40’ as if it were a melee strike (use Str instead of Dex). 2/ day may interact with an object up to 80’ away, within line of sight. This ability can’t apply or carry more than 5 pounds of weight or force.

The claw fits snugly over one’s hand and wrist and leather straps keep it in place. Each finger is several inches longer than normal and has an extra joint. The inner edges and the needle-like fingertips are razor sharp. Each knuckle is embedded with a smoky purple gem. The entire claw is covered with hundreds of tiny magical runes arranged in a spiral towards the sigil in the palm; the mark of the secretive magic school Maelbolgia.

Climbing Claws:

  • Technically a tool, not a weapon. Does 1d3 damage or improvised weapon damage
  • Provides +15% to climbing checks
  • Works best in softer materials; ie ice, wood and very rough, cracked stone. Experienced climbers can use these in harder materials, but causes damage 50% of the time.
  • Failed climb checks results in damage; it will wear out after 1d4 damage.
    • Note that this assumes regular repairs and maintenance
    • Adamantium climbing claws cost 100x as much and can take 3d4 damage
  •  30gp cost

These fur-lined gloves have leather fingertips, but a bulky palm that conceals the steel reinforcement that support a row of downward saw-toothed blades jutting from the palm. Two belted straps help to keep them in place.

Fist Weapons

Punching Dagger / Katar:

  • 1d4 damage or as per one’s class
  • Usable only by Thief, Assassin, and Monk
  • +5% chance to conceal it against discovery
  • 75gp cost

The Shank +2: When performing a Backstab and on a hit with an adjusted 20+ the dagger attacks twice more. Roll the extra attacks separately. Only the first attack is doubled.

The single blade is about six inches long and has a cruelly serrated edge. Engraved on the center of the blade are Dwarven runes that read: “Informants get stitches”, though something may have been lost in translation. The handle has holes to fit one’s fingers through while a bar rests against one’s palm.

Spiked Gauntlet:

  • 1d4+1 damage
  • If a Monk’s unarmed damage is higher, use the Monk’s damage.
  • Any weapon bonuses or effects are added to the Monk’s unarmed damage.
  • 30 gp per pair

Fists of the Earthquake +2: 2 / day slam the ground in a 15 ft square. All enemies in the area must Save vs Paralysis at -2 or be knocked down and take damage as if struck by an unarmed attack. Unattended items get no Save. The Slam area must contain the character or be adjacent to him.

These heavy gauntlets are made of polished iron and each knuckle has a short obsidian spike embedded into it. Thin lines of fiery rubies and tiger’s eye stones create a branching web on the palm and back of the gauntlets.

Brass Knuckles:

  • 1d4 damage
  • If a Monk’s unarmed damage is higher, use the Monk’s damage.
  • Any weapon bonuses or effects are added to the Monk’s unarmed damage.
  • +10% to conceal it against discovery
  • 15gp cost

Holy Jawbreaker +1: Used by a Monk or a Paladin this weapon becomes +4 and deals 1.5x damage to Demons and Devils. On a natural 19-20 the target’s jaw is smashed; he cannot talk, cast spells that require verbal components, or eat. Time or magic will cure this.

These knuckles are made largely of shining brass covered in silver filigree. Above each finger is a tiny rectangular capsule made of brass, capped with a diamond, and engraved with a different holy sigil. It’s said that each capsule contains holy water and a bone fragment from the hand of Saint Martinus, who is said to have fought demons bare fisted.


  • 1d4 nonlethal damage
  • Does x4 damage instead of x2 when used in a Backstab.
  • 25gp cost

Bounty’s End +2: When a target is knocked unconscious by this weapon, the wielder may choose to teleport the target anywhere within 60 ft. The destination must be a reasonable surface, not midair or inside another object. The destination must be known and familiar to the user. The creature being teleported cannot be larger in size than an ogre.

The sap resembles a very short club. Heavy rubber is covered by black silk embroidered with two intertwined jade dragons. From the wooden handle hangs a miniature set of silver manacles that jangle slightly.

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