About Myself

I started seriously mapping several years ago when I was introduced to Labyrinth Lord by my good colleague, Dyson Logos at Dyson’s Dodecahedron. He also taught me something of his mapping style and the importance of mapping by hand. I’d like to think that I’ve made my style a homage to his own.

I started mapping with a sharp pencil on paper with a grid behind it for my larger map, but pretty soon I was using a 0.5 mm pen and making smaller dungeons while I was working, heh.

Running a Labyrinth Lord game every week has also been a challenge and my players demand more than what Goblinoid Games excellent books could provide. I hope you enjoy the houserules that I’ve devised and the maps I’ve drawn. I hope to include a lot more in the months to come.


Adam Rizevski

About the Blog

I intend to update every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Tuesday will feature House Rules. These are game mechanics for Labyrinth Lord that have required a ruling on my part and might be interesting to others playing LL and 1st Edition AD&D. I encourage discussion of them since it can only improve them down the road.

Thursday will feature one of my Maps. Some will be full-page maps, smaller levels, or part of a series. As for using them, in short, they’re free for anyone to use in their game, but not in any commercial product without licensing and permission. If you post it on your blog, please link back to my blog. If you write an adventure, tell me about it and I’ll feature it on a Saturday.

Saturday will feature everything else. Monsters, Items, Adventures, Races, Classes, Lore from my game-setting, Secrets of Arkelon, and anything else that comes to mind.


All of my maps that I’ve drawn, adventures, items, and other unique content created by myself are protected by International Copyright Law and are copyright 2013-2014 by Adam Rizevski. Maps and other content that are not created by myself are not my copyright and will be marked as such and any content that I’ve sold ownership to are the copyright of those holders.

My unique content owned under my copyright are freely available to be used under a non-commercial license. This includes using it in your own RPG game sessions, converting them into another system, posting them on your blog, forum, social media, or other electronic medium with the condition that you credit me and provide readers a link to my blog or the specific post. You cannot publish my unique content in any commercial product without purchasing a license agreement and/or my express permission to do so.

If you have any questions regarding a commercial license, general questions about the blog, or anything else at all, please feel free to contact me with the form below. I promise not to spam you or send any unwanted emails.

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