Goblinoids of the Cursed Pit – Spawn of the Pit Fiend

While most Cursed Pits make use of demonic energies, a few have made dire pacts with Fiends from the Nine Hells. In this case, these hellspawn are the result of bathing in a Pit powered by a mighty Pit Fiend.

The hobgoblins are the most militaristic and organized of the goblinoids, so they’re considered the most Lawful. It would be their Warlocks that signed the pact and so they appear the most like the terrible Pit Fiend.

In fact, as a result of their change and the fires of their brutality dimmed, their alignment has shifted towards Law, making them Neutral Evil.

Goblin of the Pit, NE, 30’, AC 4, HD 2+1, bow or dagger/ bite, 1d6 or 1d4 / 1d4 + poison, F2, Mo 8, xp 60

Weakness Poison: The spittle of a Pit Goblin is a vile poison that attacks muscle. If bitten or struck with a weapon coated with it, the victim must Save vs Poison or take 3 STR damage. Each additional application of poison does 1 more STR damage. The Pit Goblin’s weapon can be poisoned with a Move action. The Pit Goblin is immune to his own poison. The spittle is only poisonous for 1 Turn before becoming inert.

These goblin have reddish, partially scaled skin among festering and weeping sores. Even skinnier than most goblins you’ve seen and carrying a crude knife and buckler, they are very quick on feet that have warped into hooves. On their heads are short curved horns and when they screech a warcry you see that their canines are long fangs.

Hobgoblin of the Pit, NE, 30′ / 40′ Fly, AC 4, HD 3+2, weapon (whip), 1d8, F3, Mo 8, xp 135

Lash of Pain: The hobgoblin carries a long, barbed whip. Twice per day, they can make an attack with it to any enemy within 15′. If it hits, he channels his hate through it and into his victim. The victim must Save vs Spell or be wracked by torturous pain for 2d4 rounds. The victim takes a -4 penalty to hit and -2 to his DEX score.

Flight: His wings allow for limited flight, including hovering. However, they are fragile and unnatural. Any damage to them renders them useless. While in flight, the wings have AC 7 if targeted specifically. When not in use, the wings have AC 9.

The most noticeable thing is that this hobgoblin has a large pair of leathery red wings, the material nearly semi-transparent in their infancy, sprouting from gaping holes in his back. On his forehead sprout curling black horns above red eyes. Though wearing scraps of armour, much of his fur has fallen out to be replaced by dull red scales and weeping boils. In one hand he holds a whip covered in spurs and wooden shield splashed with blood.

Bugbear of the Pit, NE, 30’, AC 4, HD 4+2, bite/weapon, 1d6+disease / 1d8+1 (mace), F3, Mo 9, xp 365

Ambush: Bugbears of the Pit retain their ability to surprise opponents 1-3 times on a d6.

Foul bite: His jaws have expanded to become a maw of jagged, broken teeth and rot. This inhibits their ability to speak, but not entirely. They have felt compelled to eat rotten and disgusting food, which inevitably becomes stuck in their maw. Combined with the demonic influences within them, the victim of any bite must Save vs Poison at -2 or contract Devil Chills. The disease shows symptoms in 1d4 days and causes 1d4 STR damage every day if they fail another Save vs Poison. The victim suffers a -1 cumulative penalty to his Save for every missed Save to avoid taking damage. The victim suffocates and dies if their STR reaches zero.

The stoop-shouldered brute has knobby gray-red skin and much off his natural fur has fallen out in clumps where weeping sores have burst. Strangely, his drooling jaws are huge, nearly splitting his cheeks, and filled with broken teeth and exposed bone. His raspy breath is especially foul. He carries a simple iron mace and a wooden shield splattered with black spittle.

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