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Dragon’s Egg Crack


Dragon's Egg Crack

Dragon’s Egg Crack

This cave system is home to a dragon (or the remains of a dragon’s lair), but could potentially house several other animal lairs near the entrance. Near the center of the map is a deep, though narrow chasm. Though difficult to traverse in the middle, it’s much easier further up, though one ought to find the hidden passage in order to move forward.

The lair itself is designed to give the dragon certain advantages. They can use their breath weapon from several raised ledges to prevent approach and a lack of easy access to that upper ledge may slow down unprepared adventurers.

A hidden chamber just off the dragon’s lair could hold just about anything…

“You decide to drop a torch down the chasm to try to gauge how deep it is. As it tumbles down, it clatters against a ledge, sending echoes throughout the cave. A deeper, louder rumble answers it from the cave on the other side of chasm. Rocks tumble over the ledge as something large begins moving…”



The Den of Lord Sharptooth – Level 1

Wererat Den Level 1

Wererat Den Level 1

A hole in the side a cliff near a long-ruined thorpe leads adventurers down into a series of narrow tunnels and perilous caves that seem deserted at first, but they quickly discover that someone has set themselves up deeper down. The musky smell of rat-dung lingers on the ground as they move farther inside and whiskers twitch behind every rock formation and above every ledge.

At the first intersection into the eastern cave is a steep, gravelly slide down 30 ft that may cause the unwary to slide right off the ledge and into danger.

The small man-made structure features a trapdoor that will send intruders down into the largest cave where an ambush no doubt awaits them while they pick themselves up.

The cave itself features a very deep chasm spanned by a bridge or a rope-swing. The stairs at the rear lead into the well protected Rat-Warrens of Lord Sharptooth. Whether Sharptooth is simply a huge Wererat or their demi-god is unclear, but the fanatical devotion the skirmishers give Sharptooth is.

I’ll post some of the variations on the Wererat that I used in the adventure set here very soon.

The Chitinous Lair

The Chitinous Lair Final

The Chitinous Lair is home to a colony of sightless insectoid creatures with hard black shells. The walls are covered with a slick layer of hardening slime and the air within is warm and fetid. Those in heavy armor might find themselves wedged in the tight, claustrophobic tunnels while the claws of the monstrous creatures skitter closer.

As a dungeon, it’s very straight-forward with a few side tunnels and secret rooms. The secret rooms should be located behind a translucent sheet of hardened slime and it’s simply a matter of breaking through. Whether the crevasse is very deep or not is up to you, but it could lead to another, even deeper adventure.

As it stands, I’d recommend placing the Lair deep underground, where pressures keep the rock warm and the tunnels tight. Perhaps at the back of a previously cleared cave system or behind a recently collapsed wall of a mine (which is what’s partially blocking the entrance in this case). There should be no possibility of light from the surface getting down into the Lair.

Since it is such a short adventure, I’ll include more details for the rooms later next week. Enjoy!