Fort Narin

Fort Narin

Fort Narin

This small fort was built a few miles from the town of Narin in order to help protect the road from bandits. It was built at the top of a sheer-sided hill that overlooked the farmlands. After a brief conflict with hobgoblins a century past, the fort had been destroyed by fire. The people of Narin was disorganized, focused on their own defence, and weren’t able to properly reclaim the countryside again for another decade. By then, plans for rebuilding the fort were too expensive and dangerous to undertake.

Having fallen into ruin, only the basement is in reasonable condition. The armory is to the left of the anteroom, but is protected by a heavy steel portcullis. To the right is the brig where captured bandits were often kept until they could be tried in town. Otherwise, there is a small mortuary, a shrine to a minor god, a training room, and a newer hidden chamber that is used, perhaps, by an exiled mage who wants a bit of privacy.

This was the first dungeon I ran with a new group of players a few years ago and one the first maps I’d drawn with a pen. You might notice some corrections I made to the map to clean it up; my lines weren’t as straight as I’d like back then. The dungeon mostly contained animals; the breaks in two of the rooms indicate animal tunnels through the wall.

“The thief and the barbarian had heard there was treasure hidden away by the fort’s commander and were hoping to ‘liberate’ it. The thief noticed that a hole had been dug into the wall of the corridor adjacent to this room, so they entered cautiously. A warning hiss met their advance; a troupe of badgers had made a nest at the back of the room. The barbarian noticed the treasure chest behind the badgers and said, ‘Well, we’re in for a long fight…’”

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