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Murderer’s Drop

Murderer's Drop

Murderer’s Drop

I ran this map for a new player to my campaign as an introduction to his particular plot. His troublesome partner had gotten in over his head and needed rescuing from the infamous Murderer’s Drop.

Built inside a seaside hill near the docks, this neglected home once belonged to a corrupt Harbourmaster. This monstrous man took payments in return for help disposing bodies. Being incredibly lazy to boot, he built a chute that led into a fetid pool beneath his own home. A rear entrance, only by rowboat, also sufficed.

Even after he was found out and executed, his abandoned home remained. The worst kind of derelicts moved in and broke down the walls that separated the civilized from the depraved. And in the dead of night they would deny seeing two men carrying a drunk friend into this building… to join the mass of others.

“They were faint, but Lucius followed the trail of blood droplets to this room. He’d passed quietly by several other rooms and was met with blank stares and mindless muttering. Behind a ruined wall was a cave where men fought bare-knuckled to a roaring audience, but they did not see him. He hoped that remained true. The only thing in this room was mold, encrusted filth, and a heavy-looking trapdoor. He opened it carefully, expecting the worst, but there was only a filthy metal slide. Lacking other options, he flung himself down it and hoped he would he would find his friend one way or another. Above him, a maddening laugh became a screeching wail. A murdered body had just sent itself down the Drop.”


The Den of Lord Sharptooth – Level 1

Wererat Den Level 1

Wererat Den Level 1

A hole in the side a cliff near a long-ruined thorpe leads adventurers down into a series of narrow tunnels and perilous caves that seem deserted at first, but they quickly discover that someone has set themselves up deeper down. The musky smell of rat-dung lingers on the ground as they move farther inside and whiskers twitch behind every rock formation and above every ledge.

At the first intersection into the eastern cave is a steep, gravelly slide down 30 ft that may cause the unwary to slide right off the ledge and into danger.

The small man-made structure features a trapdoor that will send intruders down into the largest cave where an ambush no doubt awaits them while they pick themselves up.

The cave itself features a very deep chasm spanned by a bridge or a rope-swing. The stairs at the rear lead into the well protected Rat-Warrens of Lord Sharptooth. Whether Sharptooth is simply a huge Wererat or their demi-god is unclear, but the fanatical devotion the skirmishers give Sharptooth is.

I’ll post some of the variations on the Wererat that I used in the adventure set here very soon.