Pus-lick Goblin Burrow

Puslick Goblin Burrow

Puslick Goblin Burrow

I really enjoy drawing maps with multiple elevations and overlapping tunnels. I hope this one isn’t too confusing, but I think it makes a great natural goblin stronghold.

From the bottom, the first elevation is ~20’ above ground, the next elevation is ~40’ high, the next is ~50’ high, and the last is ~70’ high. You can be sure that there will be numerous goblins with shortbows raining down arrows on intruders, though there is some cover in the form of  some large boulders that they’ve been too lazy to move.

There are two major burrows where the goblins make their nests. One is near the entrance is for the lowest-ranking goblins, so the floor is likely cluttered with detritus, and the other is protected by a door and features the rare concept (among goblins) of privacy curtains.

“You can smell the goblin warren before you find it. The usual smells of unburied waste, unwashed bodies, and rotten meat is undercut by a much more putrid smell. As you approach the cliff-side, you spot more than a dozen dark vertical gaps in the rockface from which a gabbling of goblin voices echoes. Also issuing down from each hole is a dark brown stain that fades to yellow, then white, near the hole. A crude door level with the ground has a skull-and-crossbones painted on it with the same brown substance. You have a feeling you’re going to need a long bath afterwards.”

Pus-lick Goblins

Goblinoid, CE, 20’, 1-1 HD, 1d4 or by weapon (shortsword or shortbow), F1, Mo 8, xp ??

Diseased weapons:

These goblins coat their weapons and arrows in the foul pus of goblins that have been deliberately given festering infections. The smell and inherent disgust that these weapons instill in their enemies is often enough to incapacitate them.

It takes 1 round for a goblin to apply the coating to a weapon or a bundle of 4x arrows. Goblins typically carry up to three clay bottles (or 1d4-1 bottles if you wish) and are considered to be proficient in its application, so there’s no chance of accidental exposure. Those dealt damage by such weapons must make a Save vs Poison or be Nauseated for 1 round (only Move actions) and have a 50% chance of being infected with the Purple Shakes.

Symptoms start in two days and the disease causes circulation to be restricted to one’s limbs and brain.  This results in extremities turning a deep purple or blue and a feeling of intense cold, numbness, and uncontrolled shaking. Once symptoms start, movement and speech is impossible. There is a 10% chance of naturally recovering and death occurs in 1d4+CON bonus days later (min 24 hrs of symptoms).

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