Elemental Binding Collar – Random Binding Form Table

As a variant on the Elemental Binding Collar, every time it’s used, the elemental takes on a new form. The Standard column can be used if the elemental isn’t one of the other types or just want a simple table. The others are creatures that are, more or less, part of an elemental theme. 

As a reminder, the bound elemental retains its HD, knowledge, personality, alignment, and known languages. It loses any elemental powers it once had and gains all the abilities of the new form. It gains the size, shape and coloration of an ordinary creature of its type. It has the AC, movement modes, special sight types, attack forms, and special abilities of its new form. The exception is that magical powers are not gained.


d% Standard Fire Air Water Earth
1 – 10 Ordinary Cat Ordinary Cat Ordinary Cat Ordinary dog Giant Spitting Beetle
11 – 20 Toad Camel Robin (bird) Cow Ordinary Dog
21 – 30 Ordinary Dog Giant Fire Beetle Ordinary Bat Ordinary cat Giant Badger
31 – 40 Raven Hawk Giant Bat Pig Giant Centipede
41 – 50 Hawk Lizard Giant Bee Toad Giant Ferret
51 – 60 Pony Spitting Cobra Giant Fly Salamander Giant Rat
61 – 70 Lynx War dog Hawk Seagull Giant Shrew
71 – 75 Spitting Cobra Wolf Horse Horse Baboon
76 – 80 Baboon Giant Spider Strige Giant Crab Boar
81 – 85 Wolf Giant Scorpion Giant Wasp Giant Crayfish Camel
86 – 90 Chimpanzee Wolverine Crystal Statue Giant Frog Horse
91 – 92 Lizardfolk Hyena Cheetah Spitting Cobra Spitting Cobra
93 Dwarf Homunculus Goblin Crocodile Homunculus
94 Homunculus Half Orc Halfling Homunculus Kobold
95 Wood Golem Orc Homunculus Human (pirate) Gnome
96 Pixie Wood Golem Pixie Elf Duergar Dwarf
97 Imp Imp Sprite Nixie Neanderthal
98 Quasit Quasit Brownie Sahaugin Crystal Statue
99 Pesudo-dragon Hell Hound Imp Dryad Satyr
100 Small Dragon (any) Small Dragon (Red) Small Dragon (Blue) Small Dragon (White) Small Dragon (Black)

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