Fort Blackcove and the Forgotten Chambers – Part 1

Fort Blackcove

Fort Blackcove

The fort has been built into the side of a large rocky hill next to a salty sea and protected the nearby fishing village of Wainsgreen when both were still occupied by loyal subjects. Now the fort’s been restored and occupied by an organized and hostile force (perhaps hobgoblins or an outlaw militia) who know how to make the best of the arrow slits and murderholes at the front entrance.

There are several rumors that can be heard in some of the nearest villages:

  • Fort Blackcove has a secret back entrance.
  • Fort Blackcove once had a secret prison where prisoners the Lord despised could never see the light of day.
  • Naga once lived in the sea and built a hidden outpost that is now Fort Blackcove, though the old construction had been torn down.
  • During low-tide, an elderly, drunk fisherman who’d risked approaching the Fort was nearly sucked into a tunnel behind the hill.

The fort’s entrance features two 30’ tall square archer towers and several arrow slits above the reinforced door. In the hall on the other side are several murderholes for those same archers to pour boiling oil or crossbow bolts. Troops in the next room can try to keep invaders in the line of fire or trap them behind a portcullis.

The central chamber has a tall 40’ dome with a badly faded fresco of writhing serpents. The door to the north leads to the towers, the guardrooms, and a small jail. The door to the south leads to a small temple and library. The doors to the east lead to the lord’s chambers and other bedrooms, kitchens, and storage rooms.

One disused storage room, damp and moldy, has a secret door that opens into a cave of dark, still water. Flat stepping stones go across the water to a natural tunnel. From the other side, the secret door can be opened with a lever. The tunnel leads into a winding tunnel that leads to the Forgotten Chambers. (which will be posted next week)

“Your party seems to have found the old lord’s library, though you don’t expect to find much of interest here. Bookshelves line the sides of raised platforms upon which are chairs, desks, and more shelves. Most of them, however, have been smashed and their contents strewn on the floor. Most appear to be about military history and volumes on tactics. The lord’s interest in combat is further evidenced by several torn coat of arms hanging from the walls between shelves, though the crossed swords one would normally expect are missing. Your clever Thief remarks that a path through the fallen books has been cleared, so the room is almost certainly patrolled. Hopefully you can find the fort’s commander (and kill him) before being detected.”

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