The Granite Bank

The Granite Bank

The Granite Bank

The Granite Bank is a powerful guild of Mountain Dwarf financiers. The bank is known to be in the Cliffs of Shirdroppe, but its exact location is obscured by a series of winding caves filled with traps, cunningly hidden Dwarf-doors, and patrols of the Silent Axes, well-disciplined troops of tongueless eunuchs who cannot be coerced into revealing the location of the Granite Bank.

The entrance of the Bank is inside a huge cave and the perfectly balance granite door is set into a wall of silver-tipped spikes. The hall is well-guarded and leads to a spacious waiting area of polished granite, marble, and molten quicksilver. Several offices, manned by the Mountain Dwarves known as the Stonefaced, flank the waiting area to discuss, refuse, or fulfill the requests of the Bank’s customers.

To the south is a hall that leads to another well-appointed waiting room, though there are no guards here, as only trusted customers make it this far. When a customer wishes to make a deposit, make a large withdrawal, or to inspect his holdings, they are brought here to verify their identity. From there, they are brought to the Vault where hundreds of private storage containers hold vast fortunes. At the rear, behind an heavily fortified enchanted door, is the famed Vault of Infinite Locks, which requires two enchanted keys and brings the owner’s belongings from a pocket dimension. Time in this vault does not pass, so some have paid vast sums to lock away dragons, demons, unearthly beauty, or terrible weapons.

“Once inside, the first thing you notice are the dozens of Dwarven guards that stand at mute attention against the walls. Each carries a triangular-bladed poleaxe and tower shield bearing a gold coin on a marble-speckled field. They wear pointed helmets, ringmail coats, and tightly braided beards. The well-lit hall, nearly as bright as daylight, has a highly polished floor, seemingly rippled in silver, that reflects the light of the hanging crystal lamps hanging from the slender, sharp-edged stone pillars. The walls are rough granite, but embossed grids of polished silver plates both reflect the internal light further, but depict some of the history of the Granite Bank.”

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