Random Underworld Contact Generator

A merchant who will buy stolen jewelry and treasure

This table is meant to be used with the post earlier this week about the Street-hood Profession. If you want to make up an interesting NPC on the fly when the Street-hood creates a Contact, just roll 3d20 to generate a name and use their nick-name as a seed for their backstory or an interesting detail. If the player isn’t picky about what kind of Contact they want, their specialty can also be found.

If anyone has more suggestions, please leave a comment. If I get enough, I’ll add them to the table. Enjoy!

d20 Name Prefix Suffix Optional Specialty
1 Alec Dead- Boy Bodyguard of a local aristocrat
2 Arik Empty- Coin Bodyguard of a local crime boss
3 Bronn Fancy- Dagger Bouncer at a private club
4 Cathi Flat- Eye Connected to hitmen
5 Dalga Four- Face Crime scene cleanup / disposal
6 Eskal Glitter- Finger Fence (jewels only)
7 Galf Gold- Foot Fence (magical)
8 Hershk Grab- Girl Fence (mundane)
9 Ingrit Hide- Hand Guard at local prison
10 Itani Know- Head Information on Assassins
11 Jalk Light- Knife Information on Illusionists
12 Lutho One- Lip Information on local clergy
13 Morfo Pretty- Mouse Information on the city’s criminals
14 Otho Silver- Mouth Information on the city’s underworld
15 Rynph Solid- Pants Information on Theives Guild
16 Soren the Rat Master Locksmith
17 Taigec the Ring Officer in the local law enforcement
18 Turg Three- Shoe Retired cat-burgler
19 Vik Tight- Tongue Retired smuggler
20 Worrt Two- Tooth Sells specialty ammunition

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