Avatar of the Bleeding Angel

Avatar of the Bleeding Angel

CN, 50′ / 100′ flying, AC -2, HD 14+10, 2 attacks (spiked chains), 2d6+1 / 2d6+1, F14, Mo 10, xp

  • Outsider: She can only be harmed by magical weapons of +2 or better. She regenerates 2 hp / round and has 10 Fire and Cold resistance. She speaks Celestial and Demonic. She is about 10′ tall.
  • Aura of Suffering: Around the Angel is a 40′ radius aura wherein injuries quickly become worse and healing magic fails. On the Angel’s turn, those inside the affected area must Save vs Spells or take 1 damage for every 5 hp they are down from their maximum hp (this also applies to the Angel). Once Saved against, one cannot be affected by the same Angel’s aura for 1 day. Also, healing magic cast within the radius must succeed against an automatic Dispel Magic attempt by the Angel (5% chance to fail for every level the caster is lower than the Angel, which is 14). This aura can be dispelled, but the Angel can reestablish it on her turn as a free action.
  • Wings of Apathy: Every second round, she can flap her bloody wings and drive opponents away. In a line 10′ wide and 40′ long, intense winds and droplets of blood fly. Those affected must Save vs Breath Attack or be pushed back by 10′ (even on a success, one cannot move forward along that line). In addition, the bloody droplets cause an intense feeling of lethargy; those affected must Save vs Spell or have their movement speed halved for 1d6 rounds.
  • Bloody Chains: The Angel’s chains have a reach of 15′ and inflict wounds that bleed excessively. Those struck by a chain, which are +1 weapons, take 1 damage per round until bound by a bandage or healed with magic; these wounds stack.
  • Spell-casting Ability: The Angel is also a powerful cleric with a caster level equal to her Hit Dice. Typical spells prepared are:
  • 1: Resist Cold, Detect Law, Protection from Law, Command x3
  • 2: Bless, Know Alignment, Hold Person, Resist Fire, Silence 15′,
  • 3: Animate Dead, Continual Darkness, Dispel Magic, Prayer, Bestow Curse
  • 4: Cure Serious Wounds x2, Tongues, Neutralize Poison
  • 5: Cure Critical Wounds, Flame Strike, True Seeing
  • 6: Heal, Blade Barrier, Word of Recall

“The angel has perfect milky skin, raven black hair, pale yellow eyes, and clothed with insubstantial shadow that seems to continually flow onto the floor and spread like smoke. Her hands are soaked with bloody gashes up to her elbow and hold long barbed chains that slither across the floor. She spreads her dark wings, each feather glistening with bright red blood. She speaks in a whisper that reaches your ears as if she were next to you, ‘I speak for the Bleeding Angel and her children. You have transgressed against us too far, but have no fear, I will carve you into something… better. This will hurt.'”

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