Fleshcraft Instrument and Chorus

These grotesque creatures were once people who let themselves be entranced by the dark beauty of The Bleeding Angel and The Temple of Sanguine Suffering.

Having not come from a wealthy family that might miss them nor shown any aptitude with clerical duties, these people were pressured to volunteer to become come a literal instrument of the Temple. When the Temple is threatened by those who don’t understand the glory of their work, these Instruments also become a weapon in its defense.

Their flesh may be in constant agony from the fine wires keeping their pale flesh taut and bound, but their spirit soars in other sensory planes and they feel an uncontrollable urge to sing of the terrible glories they’re witness to. Their voices, enhanced and tune by fine fleshcrafting, they are capable of volumes and pitches that would be impossible for an ordinary human.

Fleshcraft Instrument

N, 25′, AC 6, HD 4, 1 Attack, special, F4, Mo 11, xp 245

Song of Glory: The Instrument’s only attack is to sing a single note of terrible power. This is a sonic attack that occurs in a line 40′ long and 5′ wide, so it will hit anything along that line. Those affected must Save vs Breath Attack or take 1d4 damage and be deafened for 2 rounds. Each time a character takes damage from a Song of Glory over a 1 Turn period, the damage increases by +1d4, Those who Save only take half damage and avoid deafness. Fleshcraft Instruments are immune to the damage and effects causes by the Song of Glory of others of their kind.

Clerics and cultists who don’t believe in the power of The Bleeding Angel who fail their Save also lose a prepared divine spell, chosen at random, starting from their highest spell level.

This attack can only be performed once every 3 rounds.

Blind to the World: Fleshcraft Instruments have very weak vision. They Save at -2 to avoid effects that cause blindness and they can only perceive things visually that are 10′ away. Generally, they should be encountered with a handler who will point them in the direction he wishes the Song of Glory to go in.

Fleshcraft Chorus

When groups of four Fleshcraft instruments act together, they become even more powerful. Typically, they’ll be organized into a line or in a square formation and almost always accompanied by a handler. For these effects below to occur, at least 2 members of the 4 must be alive and standing within 5′ of each other.

Song of Ultimate Glory: Each Instrument sings a different note of a greater harmony. This attack is affects an area based on the Chorus’ formation. A line affects every square in a 20′ by 40′ area in front of them. A square affects a 60′ cone with a 40′ spread at its end (its origin is the center of the Chorus). This Song does 4d8 damage, causes deafness for 1 Turn, and non-believer Clerics are paralyzed for 2d4 rounds. Those affects may Save vs Breath Attack to take half damage and avoid the other affects.

As above, the Song cannot be used more than once every 3 rounds.

Harmonizing Deflection: On rounds where the Chorus is not using their Song, they are harmonizing, creating a shimmering zone of sound 5′ around themselves. Ranged attacks against any member of the Chorus are made as if they had AC 2. Also, the waves of sound make it difficult to push through the harmonizing barrier; essentially, it costs double to move through that area.

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