Solgir’s Holdfast

Solgir's Holdfast

Solgir’s Holdfast

“As you approach the stone-built holdfast, you notice the banner of Solgir, a red hand atop a golden sunburst on a field of black, flying from atop the gate and atop the peaked roof of the Lord’s Hall. Thick black smoke rises from the courtyard and about a dozen bodies, all Lakefolk soldiers, hang from the guard towers and above the gate. As you get closer, dark eyes and sharp arrows glint from the many arrow slits.”

This small holdfast would be most likely found along a major road with the intention of providing a presence in the immediate area and a home for the minor noble charged with protecting the countryside.

There are six squat guard towers and a well-guarded gate equipped with murderholes. Inside the main structure are various barracks, kitchen, storage, bedrooms, and a moderate feasting hall where the Lord of the Holdfast can hold audience. A small staircase just next to the feasting hall goes down to a small dungeon, though it’s not included here.

Side note: I didn’t notice that I drew the arrow slits backwards (and there a lot of them), so I fixed them after the fact. I hope it’s not too obvious.

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