The Treasury of Golden Zamud

Treasury of Golden Zamud

Treasury of Golden Zamud

“Gold-leaf trim on the walls weakly reflects your torchlight as you step lightly down the corridor, alert for traps. Occasionally, sand and debris fall from cracks in the ceiling; this place seems built for opulence, not durability. Ahead is a bejewelled door with an elaborate cog-lock that must be Zamud’s treasury. In your excitement, you notice too late that a stone slab shifts under your feet. The corridor rumbles and tonnes of sand, stone, and marble comes crashing down on your head. You dive backward and only end up half-buried. However, the corridor is blocked. There must be another way around or you go back with nothing.”

Collapsed ceilings, secret doors, hidden passages, and enticing golden treasure just beyond reach is the theme of this (small) map. Of course, clever use of resources, keen eyes, and maybe a treasure map will help locate and exploit them.

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