The Unbroken Forge – Part 3

Unbroken Forge Part 3

Unbroken Forge Part 3

“The heat in the domed hall is intense and the air almost dances with embers and soot from further inside. The bas reliefs on the walls are brought to life by the shifting patterns of heat behind them and the work of the great fire-dwarf craftsmen depicted there is reflected by the clanging of hammer on anvil coming from all sides.”

The final section of the Unbroken Forge is the forge itself. There are three main chambers to the north, south, and east where armor, weapons, and shields are made. Other rooms are the various finishing workshops and storerooms.

The central chamber has a domed ceiling and walls covered in bas reliefs depicting the almost religious nature of the fire-dwarves’ work here. Thick archways rising from the floor branch out onto the dome to create a complex design of ridges and lines. An experienced magic-user might recognize that this pattern weakens the barrier between this place and the Plane of Elemental Fire. Invisible ley lines link this room with the three forges and helps create the infernal heat necessary for their work.  Of course, depending on who now controls the Forge, these ley lines may not be active, but who can say what will happen (or come through the planar skein) when they are activated?

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