The Unbroken Forge – Part 2

Unbroken Forge Part 2

Unbroken Forge Part 2

“Ahead of you is a long rope-bridge in place of a stone bridge (of which almost nothing remains) and spans a great crevasse in the earth. Taller, deeper, and wider than your eyes can see, the very space seems to breathe with the sound of bellows. You can see the glow of torchlight on the other side. Below the bridge are several windows and a thin stream of molten slag pouring from a narrow drain. As you begin your crossing, however, another light ignites from a balcony above you and arrows begin raining down around you.”

The bridge is about 70 ft long from end to end, though the crevasse is larger. On the other side is a large and well-guarded cave.

This level contains several finishing workshops and jewelers along with several guardrooms. A pool of dark, mysterious water is used to quench certain pieces made by the fire-dwarves, but the secrets of its use were known only to the lost dwarves. Stairs going down lead to the Unbroken Forge itself. Part 3 of 3 is coming next week!

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