The Silent Reclusiam of Languid Fluids – Part 2

Languid Temple Part 2

Languid Temple Part 2

“The bathing pool at the center of the chamber is not filled with water, but softly lapping blood, dark and filling the air with a metallic scent. The marble walls are covered with hints of the unholy terrors that sleep within the alabaster coffins of this inner sanctum.”

Once the party has passed through the sealed portcullis of the Outer Reclusium, they’ll find themselves in the viper’s nest. Home to several powerful and ancient vampires, along with their undying servants, who sleep away the years until roused by the unholy hunger and purpose of Caela Lormeth, the Dire Temptress that they worship.

Step lightly, for they can smell the blood the mortals and can stoke the fires of hedonistic temptations in the hearts of men.

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