The Silent Reclusiam of Languid Lifeblood – Part 1

Languid Temple Part 1

Languid Temple Part 1

“The tiles of the white marble floors are spotless, but the deep grooves between them are filled with blood that sticks to your boots and leaves rusty prints behind you. The fluid flows steadily from an ornate marble basin, ornamented with writing female forms. A slight hiss at the edge of perception is your only warning that your presence has desecrated holy ground.”

Hidden below a destroyed temple dedicated to the vampire-goddess Caela Lormeth, the Dire Temptress, her devotees have returned to protect the relics within and, hopefully, rebuild the Temple.

The first section contains shine-rooms, reliquaries, meditation chambers, vivisection tables, and basins filled with vital fluids kept liquid by dark and subtle magic. Secret corridors link the disparate sections and allow the priestesses of Caela Lormeth to move freely.

Finally, an ornate adamantium portcullis protects the Inner Reclusiam from invaders, but it can be bypassed by the vampiric inner circle.

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