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The Lost Retreat of the Druids of Bear-Kyne – Level 2

Druids Retreat Level 2

The Lost Retreat of the Druids of Bear-Kyne – Level 2

Hidden here is the upper level of the Retreat. Atop a high ledge is a pool of water and a Druidic dais. The minor artifact protects the Retreat from intruders and warns the hibernating Druids that a potential threat approaches.

The Retreat was constructed by an old conclave of druids who worked the stone and the roots into the shapes and spaces they desired. The Retreat is a testament to the fusion of nature and magic; a place where druids can meditate on long, deep dreams of universal mysteries.

“Behind the hidden wall is a large cave, supported by several pillars like interconnected tree-trunks and canopy, and flanked on either side by burbling hot-springs that fill the cave with a gentle mist. At the rear is a tall archway like two immense bears, made from a mesh of tree-roots, standing on their hind legs and pressing their mighty paws together.”