Dragon’s Egg Crack


Dragon's Egg Crack

Dragon’s Egg Crack

This cave system is home to a dragon (or the remains of a dragon’s lair), but could potentially house several other animal lairs near the entrance. Near the center of the map is a deep, though narrow chasm. Though difficult to traverse in the middle, it’s much easier further up, though one ought to find the hidden passage in order to move forward.

The lair itself is designed to give the dragon certain advantages. They can use their breath weapon from several raised ledges to prevent approach and a lack of easy access to that upper ledge may slow down unprepared adventurers.

A hidden chamber just off the dragon’s lair could hold just about anything…

“You decide to drop a torch down the chasm to try to gauge how deep it is. As it tumbles down, it clatters against a ledge, sending echoes throughout the cave. A deeper, louder rumble answers it from the cave on the other side of chasm. Rocks tumble over the ledge as something large begins moving…”


2 thoughts on “Dragon’s Egg Crack

  1. Chakat Firepaw

    I see a little problem with using that as a dragon’s lair, a classic one:

    How does the dragon get in and out? Even assuming that the chasm is open to the sky means that the dragon has to go through a 5′ wide tunnel.

    1. Adam Rizevski Post author

      That’s a good point. I didn’t consider how narrow the passages in and out of the cave were. Perhaps a passage could be added to the ceiling, like I had in my other dragon’s lair (though at least in that one, there were also bigger exits!)

      Another solution is that perhaps this particular dragon possesses shapeshifting abilities (a common ability in Dragonlance) and turns into something much smaller in order to leave his lair.


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