Kobold’s Assault

Kobold's Assault

Kobold’s Assault

The structure is built into the rock and was an outpost for the Midnight Owl rebels Before that, it was a chapel-outpost built by War-Clerics of Uo-Bodolon’s Order Militant who originally named it Findar’s Redoubt.  The front of the outpost is well guarded by arrow slits and an easily barricaded front hall. Several meeting halls, training rooms, meditation chambers, and chapels are included as well. Two secret chambers may hide relics of the Order Militant.

However, at some point, five walls at the rear of the outpost crumbled at the same time and a horde of kobold’s streamed out. Whether their attacked succeeded, they were driven back, or about to happen is up to the Labyrinth Lord. Behind those fallen walls is a cave system that the kobold’s quietly expanded and extensively trapped. Finally, the tunnel from which they must have issued drops steeply into the earth. Where it goes is a mystery only uncovered if your heroes delve it.

“With the fall of the last rebel, you take a quick breather to bind your wounds. The dwarf, sitting on a bench next to the wall and cleaning the blood off his axe abruptly turns around and presses his ear against the wall. ‘Och! There’s someone mining back there,’ he says to the rest of the party. ‘Wait, it’s stopped.’ He takes a few steps back just in time to avoid chunks of exploding masonry erupting from where the wall used to be, but not fast enough to avoid the hail of tiny barbed arrows. As the dwarf clutches the arrows jutting from his neck and the rest of your party dive for cover, you hear similar crashes from nearby chambers followed by a tinny warcry issued by a hundred reptilian throats. ‘Fall back to cover!’ you shout to your party. One does not want to be surrounded by a full-scale kobold assault.”

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