Dessicator – Undead Water Elemental

I converted this monster from the Complete Arcane book (3.5 edition rulebook), so I take absolutely no credit for the monster or the artwork, but I did enjoy converting it to Labyrinth Lord.

On a related note, it was originally used in The Drowned Fort – Level 2 map.

Dessicator by Jeremy Jarvis

Dessicator – Undead Water Elemental

NE, 30’ / swim 70’, AC 4, HD 6, 1d6+fatigue, F3, Mo 11, xp 1520

  • Darkvision 60’
  • Immune to mind affecting spells and other Undead immunities
  • +2 to Initiative
  • Desiccating breath: 15ft long and wide cone, can be used every 1d4 rnds, does 1 CON damage that heals 1 per 2 Turns
  • Fatiguing touch: Save vs Poison or be fatigued; -2 to hit and must rest 1 hour (6 Turns) to recover, doesn’t stack with itself.

The tiny creature is little taller than your boots. It’s limbs and body are hard, crusty, spindly things and a conical head that’s all toothless mouth. Tiny points of blue light on the side of its head hint at eyes. Its crusty skin is a mottled yellow and white and it twitches sharply when it moves, grinding white powder on the floor from its joints. It screeches shrilly just before it attacks.

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