Mines of the Mind Stealers from Yuggoth – Level 2

Mine of the Mind Stealers lvl 2

Mine of the Mind Stealers lvl 2

“The sound of your footfalls are deadened by a heavy mist that smells of cinnamon and rotten lemons that hugs the floor. Instead, you hear faint clicks and ticks that change location and make you jump at every shadow created by the omnipresent violet light that throbs slowly from the walls. Obscenely curved objects defy definition of their purpose. You feel that this place is not meant for beings of this world.”

Much like the upper level of the Mines of the Mind Stealers, the structures and rooms of the lower levels are mostly non-standard shapes and sharp angles. As before, the rooms defy explanation of their purpose. The only exception is the large chamber at the rear of the construct. If the creatures are forced to retreat, they’ll activate two crystalline obelisks that reflect their radiation off focusing mirrors. Combined, these create a portal to their bizarre plane (or planet) of existence. If the party follows them through, they may be hard pressed to return…. sane.

As I said last week, below are the stats for the “Mind Stealers” from The Realms of Crawling Chaos, so I take no credit for these little bastards.

Fungi from Yuggoth

CE, 40′ / 40′ Flying, AC 6, HD 3, 1d6 damage, F3, Mo 8, xp 95, Hoard Class X, Psi 2d6+6

Their biology resembles something of a combination of plant, animal and fungus. However, they bear a superficial resemblance to crustaceans, with a light-red soft exoskeleton and five pairs of multi-jointed legs that end in functional claw-like four-fingered hands. Their eyes are on stalks in the middle of their body and they have an insect-like mouth. They may speak with a buzzing voice as they vibrate their various antennae on their heads, but amongst themselves, they communicate by changing the colour of those antennae. Their wings are functional and are used while in an atmosphere. The Fungi from Yuggoth are capable of surviving in the vacuum of space and use some unknown process to fly at interplanetary speeds.

They commonly mine metals from the ground that cannot be found on their homeworld and enjoy experimenting on the creatures they find there, including humans. Players may find victim’s brains being kept alive in jars within their lairs while their bodies walk around as Mindless Automatons.

Note: I also included their Psionic Strength rating for completeness, but I don’t have much intention on expanding on the Psionics introduced in this awesome book at this time.

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