Lockpicks, Theives’ Tools, and Keys – Part 1

Want to give your Thief, Assassin or Monk more options for opening doors? Missing someone with the Pick Lock skill altogether?

In Part 1 and 2, I’ll present some Thieves’ Tools and magical keys for use by all classes that can make use of them. If you have any other suggestions for interesting tool sets, please add them into the comments below!

Crowbar / Prybar:

While not a terribly complicated tool, the crowbar a staple of low-level thieves, fighters who neglected to hire a thief, burglars, and graverobbers. Its use is fairly simple: wedge the bent end under what you need moved and push down.

The crowbar grants a +1 to STR checks (a d6 rolls) to open doors and chests of all kind. It’s also significantly quieter than simply applying one’s weapon, boot, or shoulder to the problem, though not as quiet as a lockpick, of course. If the STR check should come up with a natural 6 (an automatic failure), the crowbar has snapped or bent far out of shape and is useless until repaired. Trying to use it again might result in success, but the crowbar will break beyond repair regardless of the outcome.

Masterwork Thieves’ Tools:

These tools were crafted by the ancient artisans employed by the Thieves’ Guilds of the Elves or Dwarves. Each set consists of a wide variety of perfectly honed tools made of adamantium and mithril. Flawless crystal lenses and razor sharp wire-cutters make this kit invaluable in unlocking the toughest of locks and disabling the most ingenious trap mechanisms.

Masterwork Tools provide a +10% bonus to pick locks and to disable (but not to locate) traps, including magical traps.

Assassin’s Tools:

These tools were created by the Unseen Brotherhood and are enchanted with shadow magic. Each set is needle-sharp, incredibly precise, and durable.

Immediately after making a successful Pick Locks roll on a door, the user may attempt to enter the room. He gains +15% to Hide in Shadows and Move Silently rolls to pass through and close the door behind him unnoticed. This effect must be used immediately or be wasted. This effect cannot be used on the same door more than once in a 24 hour period.

“As soon as the lock gently clicked open, the assassin vanished like a swift shadow.”

This set can also hold up to six doses of poison and specialty tools for applying and deploying these poisons safely. If the character is an Assassin already, the set doesn’t provide any special benefit, since he already uses poisons safely. Normally, when applying a poison to a weapon or otherwise using a poison, a d20 roll of 1 results in exposure to the poison, forcing a Save vs Poison. When the set is used, it grants a second Save vs Poison roll to prevent damage or death if the user is exposed. Note that one doesn’t receive this bonus when one rolls a natural 1 to hit with a poisoned weapon and is exposed, only when applying a poison to a weapon with the help of this set. If found, Assassin’s Tools are 50% likely to already have 1d6 doses of random poisons as part of the set.

Find / Remove Trap rolls made to set or create a trap using these tools gains one of the following without increasing the trap’s cost or difficulty:

  • +15% chance to be set up correctly
  • +1 to the trap’s THAC0
  • +1 die of damage
  • -2 to a single Save associated with the trap

Goblin Thieves’ Tools:

While the tools are typically made of scrap metal and carved bits of bone, they are oddly durable. In fact, the types of tools included in this set suggest a focus on bypassing, rather than disabling traps. Due to their crude nature, Goblin Tools can also be disguised as little more than utensils and food scraps.

The Thief can make a Sleight of Hand check to hide this kit amongst his belongings, though he runs the risk of it being thrown out as garbage if it’s found.

The set also provides a +5% bonus to disable mundane traps, but no bonus against magical traps. When he disables a mundane trap, he may make a separate Remove Traps roll at half the normal chance in order to bypass the trap. Failing the roll just means that he disabled the trap and cannot bypass it. As soon as he and any allies have passed through the trap, he can arm it again in no time. He can also disarm or bypass the trap later without any difficulty.

Tools of Balance:

Created by the monk-scholar Hoisen Uldamar, who spent long years as an adventurer tracking down relics for his monastery, this tool set is enchanted to help maintain a karmic balance for its user.

Whenever a lock is picked that is trapped (that is, the lock itself, the door, or the container) with a mechanical or physical device whose presence has been undetected, there is a 50% chance that the trap will be disarmed instead of the lock being picked using the same Pick Locks roll for the Remove Traps roll. Regardless of success, the lock become unpickable by the owner of this set (the lock now confounds his efforts).

The bearer of this set of tools also gains the benefit of +5% to Climb Walls and +1 on DEX checks (+2 on DEX saves) to stay upright on a slippery or narrow surface.

As a special feature, a Monk using these tools will become aware if a particular use of his thief skills will have serious repercussions on his alignment.

Spellthieves’ Tools:

Created by shadowy Conclave Spellthieves, they make it very easy for a thief with a talent for magic to safely break into any location protected by magical wards and steal their secrets.
Spellthief tools grant a +10% chance to find and disarm magical traps, even ones that would normally activate as soon as they are read.

Once per day, the Thief can channel a spell through his lockpick. He may also expend any prepared Level 3 spell in order to mimic a Knock spell.

A special crystal eye-piece can be used to cast Read Magic at will.

Part 2

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