Mines of the Mind Stealers from Yuggoth

Mine of the Mind Stealers

Mine of the Mind Stealers

“Miners delving deeper than before have broken through into a cave. When they explored the tunnels they found a strange, inhuman doorway and a wallface made of something that was neither rock nor wood. When that bizarre portal opened, the miners fled from what emerged. Many never made it back to the surface.” 

Once out of the cave system, the alien structure is made almost entirely of oddly-shaped rooms of indeterminate function and strange, unknowable artefacts.

Many of the miners have already been captured by the Mind Stealers of Yuggoth and changed into mindless automatons. Next week, I’ll post the stats for the creatures themselves, from The Realms of Crawling Chaos.

Mindless Automaton, N, 30′, HD 2, AC 8, 1 attack, 1d8, F2

Immune to mind-affecting spells, Hold spells, and so on. While mindless, they are not undead. Like zombies, however, they always act last.

“The miner’s head is wreathed in a sick purple light as he approaches. His expression is slack and blood leaks from the corner of his mouth onto the front of his coveralls. As he shuffles closer, you’re horrified to see that his forehead and, indeed, most of the back of his skull is missing and the brain largely scooped out. In its place is a small chunk of metal that glows with an obscene, unearthly light.”

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