Garthmir’s Barrow

Garthmir's Barrow

Garthmir’s Barrow

A relatively short, two level crypt for all your Undead storage needs. It features many stacked wall graves, Several locations for a potential shrine, a huge potential for devilish traps and a central chamber protected by a portcullis.

The central chamber is, of course, the resting place of King Garthmir, a barbarian warlord, and his loyal bodyguards. The reward for destroying them and putting them to final rest is astounding.

“The vaulted cobblestone ceiling is low and damp with condensation. Moss grows in dark clumps inside the stacked wall graves and hangs in sheets from the edges of the ceiling. Glints of worn chainmail and the toothy smiles of the dead within the graves reflect your torchlight. You smell gold deeper down.”

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