Goblinoids of the Cursed Pit – Spawn of the Chasme

A Chasme Demon

Goblin of Chasme, CE, 30′, AC 4, HD 2+1, talon/talon, 1d4/1d4, F2, xp 110

Can only be surprised on a 1 and surprises enemies on a 1-4 on a d6.

Can climb on any surface a fly can at its normal movement rate.

Demonic Sight: Can see normally in magical darkness and has a 50% chance each round to spot an invisible creature.

Spell-like Ability: At will – Darkness (10′ radius, lasts 1 Turn)

The horribly malformed creature used to be a goblin. Its eyes are large multi-faceted lobes and its arms have been transformed into serrated talons. It twitches as it moves on insectile legs covered in thick, long hairs. Suddenly, darkness engulfs you and a tinny, gurgling laugh tickles your ears.

Hobgoblin of Chasme, CE, 40′ / Fly 20′, AC 5, HD 2+4, drinking sword, 1d8, F2, xp 85

Drinking Blade: The chitinous blade weilded by the hobgoblin is a parasitic creature. After every hit, half of the damage it dealt that round (rounded down) is applied as a bonus to damage on its next successful hit. If the hobgoblin should lose his blade, he loses the +4 hp listed above along with the +1 bonus to hit it gives him. The dropped blade or the blade of a dead hobgoblin makes an unearthly keening sound that will summon any Hobgoblin of Chasme within 100′

Sleep Drone: The hobgoblin can buzz and drone his wings as a free action. Those within 20′ that hear it must Save vs Wands or fall into a comatose sleep for 2d4 rounds. The victim cannot be awoken by any means until the Hobgoblin of Chasme stops using this ability. A creature that wakes up can be affected by it upon waking, but anyone that Saved against the effect is immune for the next day.

The creature is wearing crude leather armour appears to have once been a hobgoblin. His face is a mess of chitinous plates and thick black hairs erupt from numerous boils on his skin. On his back are a twitching pair of black-blue wings that resemble a fly’s. In one hand is a disgusting blade of twitching chitin that you suspect has an eye and in the other is a chitinous shield bearing a black fly emblem.

Bugbear of Chasme, CE, 30′, AC 2, HD 4, claw/claw, 1d6+bleed/1d6+bleed, F4, xp 250

The bugbear retains it’s ability to surprise enemies using stealth, doing so on a 1-3 on a d6.

Rending Talons: Every hit causes a deep, bleeding wound. These wounds cause 1 damage per round on the victim’s turn. Additional hits causing bleed damage stack with this ability.

Blood Vomit: A Bugbear of Chasme likes to drink blood when he’s able. Once per day, he can vomit forth this putrid and caustic spray in a 15′ cone in front of him. The spray deals 4d4 acid damage and causes victims to vomit in disgust for 1d4 rounds (move actions only). Victims made a Save vs Breath for half damage and a CON Save to avoid being sick. If a victim makes the Breath attack save, he automatically passes the save to avoid sickness.

The bloated beast is covered with interlocking black shells lubricated by foul-smelling pus. Only the thing’s ears betray that it was once a bugbear. Brown bile oozes from a mouth twisted into ever-moving mandibles and it uses the back of a hand that has twisted into a serrated claw to wipe its chin.

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