The Drowned Fort – Level 1

The Drowned Fort Level 1

The Drowned Fort Level 1

Also known as Harstaag Fort, after its builder, Warmage Harstaag. The Fort was built on the shores of a salt lake with the intention of mining the salt and funding his research into elementals. He and his men were cruel and brutal, however, and they enslaved a nearby village under the auspices of security and prosperity. He imprisoned and tortured anyone who dissented against him… or if he needed a test-subject or as part of a dark ritual.

Controlling them was simple enough, too, since water had to be brought in from a spring miles away. He kept them thirsty and hungry. Just strong enough to work, but not enough to rebel.

Little is known about the specifics of how Harstaag was killed. Some say that Clerics of Endroma, who despise tyrants, arrived and could summon fresh water at will. When the people were strong enough, the lead the people in a violent revolt, killing the Warmage and his guards and releasing those wrongfully imprisoned. Others speak of ever greater elemental summonings: spirits of water, stone and air infused with death and malice until they were foul reflections of their former purity. Perhaps one such summoned elemental got away from him and began causing havoc in the Fort. Taking advantage of the chaos, the people revolted, though many in the dungeons had to be left behind lest they accidentally release an elemental horror.

Either way, the fort was and the dungeons beneath were left in ruin. Since the area is so inhospitable and the rumours of dark magic persisted, no one wholesome has been willing to return to the Fort and explore the secrets of its fate.

Level 1 of the dungeons below the Fort is where most of the guards and mercenaries were housed and where they trained. There are many interlocking loops of rooms and corridors that give both the PCs, not to mention any organized foe, room to manoeuvre and flank.

A small chapel or shower-room leads to stairs to Level 2 and the cells. Coming up, I converted a few of the evil and undead elementals from the Libris Mortis and Complete Arcane book to Labyrinth Lord for this dungeon, so I’ll start posting them after Level 2 next week. Enjoy!

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