Waystation of the Bone Hammer Brigade

Dwarven WaystationWhile not exactly hidden, the Waystation’s location is known only by Dwarves of the Bone Hammer Brigade, a group of mercenaries known for recruiting ex-military who can’t make it in the Forge Cities and buying the conviction contracts of dangerous criminals who would rather pay off their contract than slave underground in the mines.

Next to the doors is a stone guard tower, about 30′ up. Of course, the hall inside is also well-guarded. Temporary quarters are to the north east and the dining hall, kitchens and pantry are on the far east. To the west is a meeting hall (or temporary barracks if required), several offices and storage rooms.

Hidden in the dining hall is a room where a relic of the Bone Hammer Brigade can be found or, perhaps, a way down.

Hope you guys enjoy it! This map was on graph paper with a 0.5mm black pen in one draft.

Actually, this is one of the first maps in did in my new (at the time) graph paper book and I had originally drawn it with pencil and when over it with pen. Once I fixed the contrast and took the grid out, the doors were too faded to see, so I drew them back in. I also had had to fix the arrow slits because I drew them facing the wrong way, heh. I can’t tell, can you?

Hint: I went through my book and looked. I drew all my arrow slits the wrong way and I’m going to fix them in post.

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