Goblinoids of the Cursed Pit – Spawn of the Hezrou

Bugbear by Christopher Burdett

The Cursed Pits are the creation of foul goblinoid Warlocks. Due to their chaotic nature, most goblinoids who fall to worship of the power of the Lower Planes prefer Demons over Devils or the Undead. The Pits are pools of caustic ooze, glowing with fel magics and are powered by the caged and focused malevolent power of an enslaved Demon, Devil, or Undead spirit which are, in turn, empowered by the powerful magic of constant ritual sacrifice of other sentient races into the Pit. Needless to say, only the most powerful Warlocks, leaders of goblinoid armies, can hope to trick one of these deadly entities into service or make a deal with their master to force one onto the Material Plane.

The promise of ‘The Change’ calls tribes of followers of all the goblinoid races to the banner of a Warlock able to create a Cursed Pit. From Goblin slave-labour to Hobgoblin soldiers to Bugbear shock-troopers, even a few Ogres or Trolls; all those dedicated to evil and seeing the goblinoid races in supremacy heed the call to undergo The Change.

The Change, naturally, is quite hazardous to a goblin’s health. Many who are doused with the stinking ooze of the Pit do not recover from the burns, the infected boils, the agony, and horrific changes wrought by the demonic energies flowing through their bodies and die. Those that live find that they have taken on some aspects of the creature lurking beneath the slime. Their pain and suffering are turned to malevolent hate and they seek to inflict that pain onto others before the heat of the Pit burns out of their veins.

Spawn of the Hezrou

First, I’ll cover the three types of goblinoids created as a result of bathing in a Pit powered by a toad-like Hezrou demon. Keep in mind that these creatures are not demons and share none of the drawbacks or immunities of them, just some aspects. Generally, The Changed will gain a HD and some natural armour, along with a special ability.

Goblin of Hezrou, CE, 20’, AC 4, HD 2, 1d6+1, F2, Mo 8, xp 47

Acidic Touch: As a move action, once per day, he may spit in his hands, coating them with a clear acid. On a successful hit, the victim takes 1 acid damage every round until the wound is washed with water or vinegar. The acid remains for 4 rounds, but it used up on a single hit.

The horned goblin has a bloated gut that nearly touches the floor. It’s covered in weeping boils and sores. It grins abnormally wide and dribbles a foul-smelling goo into its clawed hand, which sizzles on the floor where it drips.

Hobgoblin of Hezrou, CE, 30’, AC 5, HD 2+3, 1d8+1, F2, Mo 10, xp 50

Acidic Weapon: They can spit on their maces once per round as a move action. Deals 1 extra point of acid damage if it hits. The damage only lasts that round and doesn’t cause damage the next turn.

The horned hobgoblin is a bloated, but muscular, hulk. His skin is covered in weeping sores and splits where muscle was stronger than flesh, and his eyes are a bloody red. His barely-fitting armour is covered in gore and he carries a crude black mace and a steel shield. Black and green ichor drips from his fanged mouth. 

Bugbear of Hezrou, CE, 30′, AC 3, HD 4+1, 1d8+2 (heavy mace), F4, Mo 11, xp 400

Hulking Darkness: The Bugbear is so infused with demonic energies that his fur has fallen out, his torso expanded, and his skin transformed into solid darkness, shrouding his exact location. Ranged attacks against him are at -4 to hit.

Fearful Strike: Once per day, when he strikes an opponent with less than 6 HD, they must Save vs Spell or be under the effect of a Scare spell (lasts 3d4 rounds, victim won’t initiate combat, but will fight back at -1 to hit and -1 to Saves). This effect is not wasted if it misses.

This bloated bugbear is nearly as large as an ogre and through a veil of inky shadow you spy bony plates and horns that have erupted through his furless skin. Black drool leaks from his cruel mouth and bloodthirsty madness is in glowing red eyes. He carries a huge iron mace.

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