Obsidian Shells and Silver Claws

The Chitinous Lair FinalObsidian Shells and Silver Claws: A short Labyrinth Lord adventure for a party of 4-6 players of Level 7-8

This adventure uses the Chitinous Beasts and the Chitinous Lair map. Also, if enough people ask for it, I’ll make a nice PDF version available for download.

The Foreman of a nearby mine, the Silverdepth Mine, has sent a wax-sealed letter by courier to find the party, whose deeds are well known. The message is scrawled quickly and with thick lettering:

“There has been an accident at Silverdepth Mine and I require your assistance with handling the aftermath immediately. A dozen of my men are dead or missing and I cannot open the mine until this situation is dealt with. I have heard of your party’s particular skills and I believe they will be useful here. I cannot say more in a letter, but I will gladly pay for your stay in town and offer a substantial reward for your group’s time.

“Thank you, Foreman Korrpin Glofor”

Players who inquire might learn or know that this mine is a very prosperous and very deep platinum mine. If they roll especially well, they’d know (or recognize) that Foreman Glofor is a Dwarf and quite greedy.

When the party arrives at the mine, the gates are closed and guarded by mercenaries. The guards refuse to let the party in at first, saying that, “There’s no problem, but the Foreman doesn’t allow just anyone to be poking around. Get lost.” Of course, when they show the guards their letter from and signed by the Foreman, they open the gate just enough to let them inside.

Make a WIS check for the players while they’re speaking to the guards; those that succeed hear a number of shouting voices, like a crowd, some distance away on the other side of the wall. Once inside, they can get a good look at the mine.

To the right are the large grinding, storing, and smelting facilities next to a tailings pond and a small hill of discarded gravel. Ahead is the mine entrance, a wide hole set in the side of the bare mountain-side, with steel rails leading from its mouth to the grinding facility. Above the mine is a stone watchtower with two guards holding crossbows; a path unseen from the entrance goes from near the dorms up to the tower. To the left are several wooden buildings; dormitories for the workers, a tavern called The Wailing Pick, and the Foreman’s Office. The whole area is a semi-circle with a radius of about 200 yards.

Near the dorms is where the shouting is coming from. A large group of miners, about forty, are gathered in front of a stout Dwarf and four mercenary bodyguards. From behind, the party can see that the Dwarf is wearing a grey fur cloak and fine, gold-lined boots. As the party approaches, the mob doesn’t appear armed, but they are shouting angrily at the Foreman. By the time the mercenaries notice the party approaching from behind; they can make out something of what is being said.

“… What do you mean we aren’t allowed to leave? Who do you think you are saying I can’t go to my family? Or any of us?” says the largest of the miners, carrying a woodsman’s axe, standing closest to the Foreman.

“By the order of the City Guard,” says the Foreman. “It’s for your own safety. Those creatures can’t escape the mine; you know that. In fact, a group of exterminators should be here any day to help us with this problem.”

“A problem? Is that what you’re calling it? Almost two dozen men die, our friends, and it’s just a problem? I don’t want to die here when night comes and those things come back. I’m not dying for you and your gods-forsaken mine. Neither are any of them!”

One of the guards lets the Foreman know that the party has arrived, if they haven’t said anything yet.

“Good, good!” he turns to speak to the party or whoever the party usually has speak for them. The miners don’t seem to like the Foreman turning his back on them. Before he speaks again, he wrings his hands together fretfully. “You can see that I’ve got a bit of a situation here. I can’t have these men creating a panic in town. It’s bad enough that my output is nothing at the moment, but I’d lose everything if the mine were closed. Please, tell them that you’re here to help and you’ll get a bonus at the end of this!”

Foreman Glofor, LE, 40′, AC 5 (chain), Level 9 Merchant Prince, hp 30, 1d6 (short sword), ThAC0: 16
Saves: Breath 12, Poison 10, Petrify 9, Wands 11, Spells 10; bonuses: Breath +2, Poison +4, Petrify +4, Wands +3, Spells +4, Spot Thievery: 7+, Spot Magic: 9+
Spells per Day: 4, 3, 2; 1: Charm Person x2, Light, Detect Magic; 2: ESP, Continual Light, Locate Object; 3: Detect Lie, Hold Person
Spells Known: 1: Charm Person, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Light, Floating Disc; 2: ESP, Continual Light, Knock, Locate Object; 3: Clairvoyance, Detect Lie, Hold Person, Water Breathing

He’s a liar when he needs to be, but he keeps his contracts. He’s insufferably greedy, selfish, and a coward. While not terribly vindictive, he won’t give most people more than one chance to prove their worth to him. He’s terrified of swimming, being on a boat, and drowning.

The Dwarf is about 5’3″ tall and somewhat fat. He has a long beard that’s beginning to grey, though each of the many braids is bound with gold or jewelled beads. Besides the cloak and boots mentioned above, he’s wearing a fine red waistcoat that’s nearly bursting at the seams over a chainmail chest piece, and other fine clothing. On his belt is a well-made Dwarven shortsword.

Mercenaries, LN, 40′, AC 4 (chain and shield), HD 1+1, 1d8+1 (longsword), F1, Morale 8
Most of them are carrying quality equipment: chain armor, a metal shield, and a longsword. About a third of them carry a light crossbow and have AC 5. There are ten Mercenaries in total; four are with the party and the Foreman.

Miners, various (mostly Neutral), 40′, AC 8 or 9, HD 1 or 1-1, 1d6 or 1d4, F1 or 0 lvl human, Morale 6
There are 36 miners: 27 are 0 lvl humans with make-shift weapons (picks, shovels, chains, hammers, etc.) and 9 are Level 1 Fighters wearing padded armor, but none of them have a decent weapon (a large dagger or a sledgehammer). The Fighters are easier to distinguish since they are taller, bigger, and stronger than most of the others.

The party spokesperson will need to make a CHA check to calm the mob down. If things go poorly, the mob will attempt to shove past and leave. They won’t attack the party unless they intervene. Foreman Glofor will try to stop them, but he can be convinced to let them go. If combat does occur, check the mob’s Morale every round one of them dies. If they fail their Morale check, they’ll back down and agree to go back to the dorms. If they make two checks in a row, they won’t need to make another until half of them are dead.

Once the issue with the miners is dealt with, the Foreman asks the party to see him in his office. The office is smaller than one would expect. Every surface is covered with stacks of dog-earned leather-bound accounting books, reports, and so on. Inside the room is a large safe (Full proof, -20% to Pick Locks). On his desk are a myriad of reports, writing implements, a small chunk of raw platinum mounted on a piece of wood (the first mined from here), and a snuff-box. There are enough chairs for the party except one. The Foreman sits is a very high-backed and very comfortable-looking leather chair that creaks when he sits in it.

Once the party is settled, Foreman Glofor explains the situation. “Two days ago, my men were digging a new shaft in the deepest part of the mine. They noticed the smell just a moment too late; a wall collapsed that opened into a cavern. The smell was just terrible, I’m told; like an entire bazaar of cheap meat had gone bad in the sun. They’d hardly had time to drop their tools, the cowardly curs, when the beasts attacked. Within a few moments, they tore apart a dozen men like dolls. I ordered the mine’s evacuation, but they’ve had the run of the mine. Last night, they found their way to the surface. They slaughtered and abducted a dozen more in one of the dorms before returning back into the mine.

“I think you can imagine what needs to be done. I need these things exterminated immediately so we can get back to business. I’ll offer your party 15,000 in gold and gems once the mine is secured.

“I hope you’ll start as soon as possible so the workers know that something is being done. Holeg will lead you to their nest and, well, you’ll see.”

He calls in one of the mercenaries from outside and introduces him as Holeg. He’s a tall, thick-framed man with a receding hairline and a military haircut. The most striking thing is that much of his face, arms and body are wrapped in yellowed bandages. Also, his company’s tabard, armour, and shield are riddled with small holes. Still, he walks just fine.

Holeg asks if they’re ready and if they are, but have questions, he’ll answer them as they walk. He speaks in a clipped voice; very direct and detached of emotion.

Holeg was the only survivor of the initial attack by the Chitinous Beasts. He was leading a group of guards through the mine on a routine security sweep when it happened. The others “managed to stick a few of the black-shelled bastards”, but they fell screaming just the same when the creatures bled. When he slashed one, he avoided most of the spray, but “even the slightest touch leaves a nasty scar”. If he likes them, he shows him his partially melted shield and ruined blade. If asked, he’ll make extra weapons available and brought down part way to the nest’s entrance.

Silverdepth Mine:

Created by Michael Muth

Holeg leads them through the mine with a torch: down a shaft on a rickety pulley elevator, over a stone bridge and chasm, and down winding and branching paths. He points of several features and methods for finding their way back along with lighting wall lamps and torches as he goes. This means that, if the party ever needs to get to the surface quickly, they only have a 10% chance of getting lost.

When he says they’re close to the site, he points them on ahead and starts back to the surface. If the party protests: “With all respect, I’m not in any shape to fight those things again and I don’t want to. None of us are. I’ve told you how to get back, so don’t forget, and get out before dark. I don’t know how they know, but they came in the dead of night.”

If the party does leave before completing the job, any remaining Warriors will attack during the night. They’ll try to sneak into the miner’s dorms again and attempt to carry off as many as possible (at most, one per Warrior). They’ll fight anyone in their way, but as long as they abduct at least one victim, they’ll back off any serious resistance.

As the party approaches, the acrid smell of decay and chemical fumes is strong and gets stronger as they get close. In a newly-made corridor about 30′ wide are six humanoid bodies and one dead Chitinous Warrior. None of the bodies are entirely intact; half are missing arms, legs, heads or were simply torn apart and the other half are unidentifiable masses of melted flesh, due to acid burns. The Warrior is itself partially submerged in a shallow pool of its own yellow-green blood. Save vs. Poison if one touches it; they’re likely to lose their glove or worse.

The Warrior is about 8′ long from head to feet and the tail is about 5′ long. All that can be easily seen is that the beast has no eyes, an elongated head, a skeletal-looking carapace, a segmented tail, and strange tube-like structures on its shoulder and back. The claws are underneath the body.

The area around where the wall collapsed is covered in ropes and sheets of a semi-transparent grey resin. Prodding the parts that don’t look quite dry is like touching a sticky bowl of congealed oatmeal that pulls into long strands that take a while to clean off. Cleaning off the resin from the cave wall is impossible within a reasonable amount of time. The resin is not flammable and if a serious attempt to ignite it is made it will only let off acrid smoke for a round before sputtering out.

1: Flooded Cave

At the entrance to the tunnel the party can smell brackish water.

The natural stairs and sloped tunnel descend more than 40′. From the bottom of the first set of steps, the floor is slimy and squelches underneath the party’s boots. The tunnel leads to a small cave with a thick, muddy bottom. Water drips down from the ceiling around a large, white rock (a type of quartz). It’s a STR check to remove the white stone, but when it’s removed water begins to pour into the cave.

Those standing on the floor of the cave must Save vs. Petrification to avoid being stuck in the mud. Movement is reduced to 2′ per round and the water rises very quickly. The noise from the water splashing attracts the Chitinous Beasts from Room 2 if they haven’t already attacked.

2: Ambush from Above

The entrance to the cave is very narrow, a bit less than 2′ wide. Generally, anyone taller than 5′ and/or wearing armor heavier than chain is need to squeeze through, which takes one round. Those characters need to make a DEX save or otherwise become stuck. Getting unstuck requires two rounds unless someone helps. Chitinous Beasts, of course, have no restriction to move through this space.

The room is warm, humid and smells like an abattoir on a summer day. Your torchlight creates thousands of flickering highlights on the twisting resin on every surface. There are several dark forms at the edge of the light that hang from the wall like broken dolls. Too late, you hear a predatory hiss and the scrabble on claws above you.

Once an intruder is detected at the bottom of the stairs, the Chitinous Beasts attack. There are 2x Drones and 2x Warriors in the room, hiding on the ceiling next to the natural pillars.

Entombed on the wall throughout the cave are three half-eaten miners. Between them, they have 200 cp.

The SW tunnel is very narrow and takes twice as long to traverse and, like above, requires a DEX check to avoid getting stuck to get to Room 3 and to Room 4. The S tunnel smells of water and the sound of sloshing can be heard briefly. The SE tunnel smells fresher and cooler.

3: The Obsidian Idol

The room has a Continual Darkness effect inside it. Next to the East wall is a flat stone which is not covered in resin. Sitting on it is the skeletal remains of a Drow (it’s impossible to tell the species by touch alone, of course) wearing a tattered black and purple robe. In his bony hands he holds a small obsidian idol in the idealized shape of a Chitinous Queen. Next to him is a Drow skull, but the top has been shattered and removed.

Searching the Drow reveals a scrap of slimy and filthy paper inside the robes. It’s written in Drow and reads: “Consume the mind that sees without seeing the truth and be protected by the mother of those who cannot see at all.” There are other passages, but it’s too torn and blurry to read.

The Obsidian Idol has a Drow rune on the bottom, “Xen”. If the bearer of the Idol eats all or a handful of the brain of a sentient being and the word ‘Xen’ is spoken or chanted, they’ll grow a set of black, chitinous armour over their skin over one round. When the rune is spoken for the first time, the bearer becomes aware of a vague desire for brains. The armour is AC 4, provides a +1 to all Saves, doesn’t impede spell-casting, and lasts for 6+1d6 Turns before crumbling into dust. If the ritual is performed while wearing armour, they feel compelled to throw their armour off as quickly as possible. This ability can be invoked only once per day, but once a week a ritual can be performed whereby the Idol is passed around a group; each bearer speaks the rune and eats a handful of the same brain. A single human-sized brain can be eaten by four people, an ogre-sized brain by six people, and a halfling-sized brain by two people. After this large ritual has been done, the Idol cannot be activated again for a week.

4: Fangs Bared

You hear a sticky, slurping sound from around the corner of the cave.

The cave contains 3x Drone and 4x Warriors. The Drones are busy spraying sticky ropes of resin onto every surface and the Warriors are waiting patiently on the ceiling and in the walls. The fresh resin reduces movement for the party by half. The difficult terrain extends West 10′ from the top of the natural steps. The Chitinous Beasts, of course, suffer no penalty to movement.

The Warriors will engage the party while the Drones will huddle around the secret door, a sheet of semi-transparent resin, and hiss at anyone who approaches it, trying to warn them off. If someone gets too close or if they’re attack, they’ll respond violently.

Breaking through the sheet of resin requires a STR check. In the cave on the other side is a single large egg, about 2′ high. The egg is made of a thick, green, fleshy material with long, curved spines in columns up its side. At the top is a cross-shaped opening. This is a Queen egg and the Drones were trying to protect it. The egg is easy enough to destroy, but the pheromones released will attract 1d4+1 Chitinous Beasts (equal numbers of Warriors and Drones) within 2d6 rounds. If it’s kept, another Hive could be started somewhere else.

Entombed on the wall are the bodies of 2x miners and 2x Drow. The miners have a total of 194cp and the Drow have 55cp, 14sp, a small bag containing 4x gems: Azurite-50 gp, Citrine-75 gp, Onyx-75 gp, Tourmaline-500gp (total value of gems: 700 gp), and a Potion of Clairaudience.

5: Membranous Pool

The cave, like the others, is covered in resin, including the surface of the pool of water. In fact, until someone walks on the still surface, only a Dwarf or a Gnome could tell that it’s not stable. WIS checks to realize that the ‘floor’ isn’t merely soft, but is rippling when they step on it.

Anyone heavier than 60 lbs. who steps out more than 10′ will break through the rubbery resin into the 10′ deep water, no Save. Finding the entrance again requires an INT check to locate it, though help is required to get out.
In the pool are 3x Giant Crabs who feed on the detritus that makes it into the water. They’ll only attack if someone falls into the water or if the surface of the pool is pierced.

The Chitinous Beasts don’t like to swim, so they ignore the aquatic crabs.

Giant Crab, N, 20′, AC 2, HD 3, 2x pincers, 2d6/2d6, F2, Mo 7, xp 50, Aquatic: can breathe and swim underwater indefinitely

The four foot tall creatures have knobby and pale red shells, four spined legs, and two huge pincers that are nearly as large as their bodies. They scuttle from the pool, swiftly cutting their way through the rubbery slime on the water.

6: The Fissure

Echoes float about on the air and you can’t help but wonder if those are the sounds like your boots or the sound of approaching claws. A fetid breeze wafts from the right.

The bottom of the fissure is about 40′ down and the ceiling is about 50′ above the tunnel. In all directions, the walls of the fissure narrow until they come together. If a PC were to fall, they’ll almost certainly break their leg, ankle, or foot; make a DEX save. The walls of the fissure are slimy with bits of resin, mould, and moisture; only someone with the Thief’s Climb Walls skill can traverse it.

Spanning the fissure (both here and at the NE tunnel) is a resin bridge. It can hold no more than 100 lbs. at a time, but it is just sturdy enough that one person, weighing no more 200 lbs., can run across it without doing too much damage. The runner must make a DEX check to avoid slipping on the uneven surface and on a 1 out of 6 chance the bridge will collapse behind him. If it doesn’t collapse, unsettling crackling and popping is heard from the structure, but it looks intact.

On the platform are years-old climbing equipment and the long-decomposed body of a Drow. It’s wearing shredded black robes, a wooden holy symbol in the shape of a coiled Chitinous Beast. In a large pouch on its belt are 200 gp, a Moonstone-250 gp, a Gold Earring-40 gp, and Potion of Super-Heroism and a Potion of Invisibility. There is also a small leather-bound journal written in Drow. See the Epilogue for more information.

7: Hit and Run

The cave’s surface, like the others is covered in resin. The ceiling is about 15′ high and many natural pillars offer cover for the creatures inside. At the rear of the cave is a tunnel, but it’s been partially blocked by resin. There is only a 3′ wide hole 12′ above the floor. However, given a STR check and a Turn of work, the resin barrier can be destroyed.

However, the cave contains 3x Chitinous Drones hiding along the ceiling. Unless the party was exceptionally quiet coming across the fissure, it’s not possible to surprise them. They’ll try to cut off the party from escape and use hit-and-run tactics; attacking on one round, then withdrawing to a place of safety and hiding. They won’t pursue the party further than the entrance to Room 2. If they are forced to retreat, they head to Room 9.

Entombed in the walls are the bodies of a Dwarf miner and a Drow elf. Both were wearing typical and unexceptional clothing. In their purses they have, collectively, 31 cp and 2x gems: Rhodochrosite-25 gp and Jasper-100 gp (total value of gems: 125 gp). 

8: Hidden Wealth

The cave smells worse than any previous area and has a soft floor. Examining it closely reveals that this is a waste heap: bones from bodies that were not interred in the walls, a few decomposing parts, and a thick black paste.
If the room is searched, it may reveal a hidden cache of treasure. Underneath a collection of bones on the rear wall is a steel Drow coffer. It is locked (Superior quality: -40%) and the locking mechanism has a poisoned needle (Save vs. Poison or be paralyzed for 12 Turns and begin sweating profusely; if the victim is removed from Room 8 the smell will attract Chitinous Beasts within 100′ after 2 Turns).

The coffer contains: 2000sp, 4000 gp, 4x gems: Banded Agate-25 gp, Smoky Quartz-75 gp, Chrysoprase-100 gp, Amethyst-1000 gp (total gem value: 1200 gp), 3x jewellery: Medallion-1100 gp, Medallion-80 gp, Jewellery box-500 gp (total jewellery value: 1680 gp).

9: Queen’s Lair

As you move towards the rear of the cave, you heard a sound like a bellows slowly being pumped and the acrid stench of the creature’s blood. Across a slimy field of dozens of large, leathery eggs is crouched a huge figure of nightmare. Its huge head resembles a black crown and from within the shell descends a grinning mouth of pale daggers. Her two sets of arms unfold and her legs extend to their full length as she makes a warning hiss, like a hundred hot swords dropped into water.

The large cave has a 30′ high ceiling in the central area and the natural stairs to the wings on either side are each about 10′ in height. At the North end of the cave, about 40′ long, is a field of about three dozen eggs surrounded by slime, partially consumed bodies (human, dwarf, and Drow), and loops of afterbirth. This makes the area difficult terrain, except for the Chitinous Beasts. Each egg is about 2′ tall and 1′ wide. Each contains an undeveloped Chitinous Beast (40% Warriors, 55% Drones, 5% Queen) and it’s impossible to tell which contains which at a glance.

The Queen is at the rear of the cave, surrounded by her eggs, and attached to a bloated ovipositor that’s attached to the wall. The party won’t notice it until they get closer and realize that it’s pulsating and not quite the same colour as the wall. Attending the Queen are 2x Drones. Guarding her are 5x Warriors. One hides on the ceiling next to her and the other two pairs, also on the ceiling, on either side of the cave’s wings.

The 4x Warriors on either side will attack when the party closes to about 20′ from the egg field. The Drones and the final Warrior attack if they set foot in the egg field.

However, the Queen is very protective of her eggs (though not of her fully grown children). If one or more eggs are threatened, she’ll order her children to back off by way of a hiss. She’ll allow the party to do as they wish so long as they’re capable of harming her eggs, but anyone who leaves the sight of the rest of the party is fair game. During that time, Drones and Warriors will retreat from attacks, but if the Queen is attacked they’ll go berserk (+1 to hit and damage, +5 temporary hp, will not retreat; see the Hive Queen quality). Also, if eggs are harmed after the ‘cease-fire’ has been agreed on, she’ll lead the attack herself by ripping herself from her ovipositor (a Move action) and charging.

Entombed along the walls are the remains of several miners and a Drow. The miners carry 198cp and the Drow has a pouch of 4x gems: Star Sapphire-1000 gp, Eye Agate-25 gp, Malachite-50 gp, Tiger Eye Agate-10gp (total gem value: 1085gp). Within the egg field are many unidentifiable remains, but there is one intact that looks to be a Drow commander. The corpse wears ruined platemail armour and carries: a silver holy symbol in the shape of a coiled Chitinous Beast, a completely ruined journal, and misc. adventuring equipment (all ruined). However, in a pouch and on the body are 1000 gp and 2x jewelry: Platinum Ring-1300 gp and Gold Pendant-300gp (total jewellery value: 1600 gp). He also has a Drow Scimitar +1, +3 vs. Regenerating Monsters (named ‘Trollbled’ in Drow lettering), and a Shield +1 of Resist Acid (cannot be destroyed with acid, +4 to Save vs. acid effects on the bearer).

The secret chamber to the West is much like the others: a false wall made of resin and is easily broken through. Inside are entombed three Drow corpses. Searching their bodies reveals 3x jewellery: Copper Chain-10 gp, Crystal Orb and Gold Base-1700 gp, Silver Medal-200gp (total jewellery value: 1910 gp). A small chest at their feet is open, though covered in resin, and contains 9000 sp.

Also, next to the Queen’s ovipositor is a large vein of platinum ore running diagonally through the chamber, though only a Dwarf or someone with experience as a miner would recognize it. A small chunk (worth 100gp) can be found as proof.


The only hint to what occurred in these caves is found on the Drow body at the fissure. Once translated, the journal is revealed to belong to a female Drow Hierophant of the Temple of Lolth named Ysil Vem’tellix. She writes of the Drow city of Uthel’kevek where the Chitinous Beasts are bred is captivity and used to execute criminals for the public’s entertainment. However, she and Commander Sul’vekith, belong to a small religion, called ‘The Covenant of the Chitinous Mother’ and deemed heretical by the Temple authorities, which worship the Chitinous Beasts as an aspect of Lolth. They stole several eggs, including a Queen, and ventured towards the surface. They came up through the fissure and, finding the place suitable, collapsed the entrance. They allowed the Beasts to hatch and grow, then gave themselves freely to the Queen to be devoured and ‘reborn’ as her children. The journal’s dates, if one is knowledgeable about the Drow calendar, are found to be about 24 years before the present date.

Questions to ask yourself might include:

  • Is the tunnel out as sealed as they imagine? Can it be excavated?
  • Would the authorities of Uthel’kevek appreciate knowing that the cult and escapes Beasts have been destroyed?
  • Does the Covenant now control Uthel’kevek? Or have the Chitinous Beasts gotten loose and destroyed the city?
  • Will Foreman Glofor allow greed to overcome him and try to mine the platinum found in the lair, potentially going too deep and opening the way to Uthel’kevek, or will he seal it off in order to protect the sanity of the miners?
  • If any eggs survive, will the Foreman or the party try to sell or tame them? Hint: Chitinous Beasts are untamable.

Once all of the Chitinous Beasts have been killed the party is happily paid by Foreman Glofor (though he tries to haggle them down is they used any of the mercenary’s weapons or if any additional miners or mercenaries died as a result of leaving the mine to rest for a day), the mine reopens soon after, and, while dissenting miners are fired soon after the incident and new ones are hired, stories of the massacre have tainted the reputation of the mine.


Total treasure in the adventure, including hidden treasure:

  • 678 cp
  • 11,014 sp
  • 5,400 gp + 15,000 gp reward
  • 3,360 gp in gems + 100 gp chunk of platinum ore
  • 5,230 gp in jewelry
  • Potion of Clairaudience, Potion of Super-heroism, Potion of Invisibility, Scimitar +1, +3 vs. Regenerating Monster, Shield +1 of Resist Acid, the Obsidian Idol
  • Total gp value (not including magic items): 15,198 gp, 18 cp + 15,000 gp reward

I hope you all enjoyed reading it and/or playing it. If you used it in your campaign, please let me know or give me some feedback as to how it went.

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