Dragonroost Chasm

Dragonroost Chasm

Dragonroost Chasm

Useful for any expedition into the lair of any large, winged reptile with a devastating breath weapon, the chasm in the center goes a long way towards keeping potential invaders out.

The structures in the South West were built by bandits who didn’t know a dragon lived on the other side of the chasm. The quickly discovered the error of their assumptions. Now, it’s a useful place for the dragon to keep a few loyal allies close by. Alternatively, the dragon may have hidden the cave entrance on the other side of the chasm and a clue of its existence (or that of the secret entrance) could be found here, since the dragon is too large to fit inside.

The chasm is wide enough that typical light sources cannot reach the other side, nor can they reach the bridge below them. Of course, the truly sadistic DM would make sure that, one way or another, they encounter something flying around in the dark that they did not expect.

Inside the dragon’s lair is a  large chimney up to the surface. Unless one sees the dragon flying out of it, they’d never spot it and only an expert mountaineer could hope to climb the sheer rock face. At the other end of the cavern is where the treasure horde, a clutch of eggs, or a few young drakes could be hidden.

I really enjoyed using this large, but straight-forward map in my game and I’ll probably use it again. Let me know if you use it too!

Also, Happy New Years to my readers and here’s a toast to always making your saving throw!

2 thoughts on “Dragonroost Chasm

  1. Tad Davis

    Very clean and attractive map! You should consider showing off some of your work at the Cartographers Guild; we don’t get nearly enough hand-drawn stuff and i know it would be well received there.


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