The Den of Lord Sharptooth – Level 1

Wererat Den Level 1

Wererat Den Level 1

A hole in the side a cliff near a long-ruined thorpe leads adventurers down into a series of narrow tunnels and perilous caves that seem deserted at first, but they quickly discover that someone has set themselves up deeper down. The musky smell of rat-dung lingers on the ground as they move farther inside and whiskers twitch behind every rock formation and above every ledge.

At the first intersection into the eastern cave is a steep, gravelly slide down 30 ft that may cause the unwary to slide right off the ledge and into danger.

The small man-made structure features a trapdoor that will send intruders down into the largest cave where an ambush no doubt awaits them while they pick themselves up.

The cave itself features a very deep chasm spanned by a bridge or a rope-swing. The stairs at the rear lead into the well protected Rat-Warrens of Lord Sharptooth. Whether Sharptooth is simply a huge Wererat or their demi-god is unclear, but the fanatical devotion the skirmishers give Sharptooth is.

I’ll post some of the variations on the Wererat that I used in the adventure set here very soon.

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