The Chitinous Lair

The Chitinous Lair Final

The Chitinous Lair is home to a colony of sightless insectoid creatures with hard black shells. The walls are covered with a slick layer of hardening slime and the air within is warm and fetid. Those in heavy armor might find themselves wedged in the tight, claustrophobic tunnels while the claws of the monstrous creatures skitter closer.

As a dungeon, it’s very straight-forward with a few side tunnels and secret rooms. The secret rooms should be located behind a translucent sheet of hardened slime and it’s simply a matter of breaking through. Whether the crevasse is very deep or not is up to you, but it could lead to another, even deeper adventure.

As it stands, I’d recommend placing the Lair deep underground, where pressures keep the rock warm and the tunnels tight. Perhaps at the back of a previously cleared cave system or behind a recently collapsed wall of a mine (which is what’s partially blocking the entrance in this case). There should be no possibility of light from the surface getting down into the Lair.

Since it is such a short adventure, I’ll include more details for the rooms later next week. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “The Chitinous Lair

      1. Tad Davis

        What’s your timezone? Here in NZ we are about a day ahead of the U.S. (depending on time zone).

      2. Adam Rizevski Post author

        Eastern Time in Canada. If it posted 5 hrs earlier than I intended at 8pm my time (I double checked), it was posted based on the GMT in Europe. Edit: I just realized it’s 4:30pm where you are, so the time is based on GMT. I’m not very good with timezones where the date-line is concerned. Either way, I need to set my post times 5 hrs later.

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