Goblin Gully redux

Goblin Gully_Final

One of the first adventures I did with Dyson was called Goblin Gully. When I took over the game with some new players I didn’t have his original map on hand, so I drew my own. It was the first real map I drew that I thought looked good. Real good.

So, here we have a hidden cave complex, originally made by long-dead human rebels. Caves at the rear provide a source of fresh water and the hidden ravine to the East provides a convenient means of escape. I never did draw Level 2, since it was behind an invisible barrier, but someday Goblin Gully will be delved again.

12 thoughts on “Goblin Gully redux

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    1. Adam Rizevski Post author

      Thank you! It’s just plain paper and a sharp pencil. I also used a piece of graph paper underneath to maintain the scale. My newer maps are in pen, of course, but they might not be posted for a while. Perhaps I’ll include some more details on the medium in future posts.

      btw, drawing maps like that in pencil is quite hard on one’s hand.

      Thanks again and I hope you’ll comment again in the future.

      1. Kevin Campbell

        I’m still a pencil guy, so I feel your pain. Plus it’s difficult to avoid smudges. One on these days I’ll try pen and ink and I have some other mediums in mind too.

      2. Adam Rizevski Post author

        Since I’m right-handed, I always try to move from left to right, top to bottom and put something that won’t smudge on the page to rest the side of my hand on. It’s not perfect, I’ve managed to avoid really bad smudges so far.

  2. Kaosgoblin

    Man, our current crew would make a mess of this. There are too many crazies on one team.

    As per usual, your map work is excellent.

    1. Tad Davis

      Incidentally, it seems you and I have pretty much the same topics four our blogs “maps and game design”. I’ll definitely be checking in to see what you are up to.


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